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Orthodox Teacher
The Essence of Prayer and Fasting:
  • to live in the world abstaining from worldliness and
  • to remain :-
  • in constant and continuous remembrance and contemplation of God
  • in communion and union with God
  • in reconciliation of man with God and fellow-beings.
  • to lead a life of Metanoia, Catharsis, Fotisis and Theosis
Metanoia: The fundamental transformation of one's mind and heart in the form of deep repentance. The beginning of the process , and a necessary stage, for the soul's reunification with God

Catharsis: Purification of the heart and mind from egotistical passions and addictions. The first stage in the development of the soul towards God

Fotisis: The enlightenment of the soul. The gift of the Holy Spirit after the soul has undergone its purification. The soul becomes endowed with divine charisma/ gifts

Theosis: Union with God. The final destination and ultimate home of the human soul.


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